Charm square basket pattern

Today I have a little treat for you all! My first pattern was a basket pattern, made of charm squares. For any quilter the term charm squares is a familiar one, but for any of my “non-quilter” readers it simply means 5 inch squares. The pattern is great for those leftover charm squares or for your scraps. I used to sell the pattern as a downloadable file through Craftsy, but after their recent change (which involved removing thousands of patterns made by independent pattern designers) the pattern could no longer be purchased through their site. I have recently been getting several inquiries for the pattern, but I have not taken the time to find a new site / marketplace to sell it from. To answer the enquiries I have received I have simply sent them the pattern in an e-mail, free of charge. I have now decided to offer it for free as a direct download from my blog! Click on the link below and it should download directly to your device.

Here are some more pictures of the finished basket!

The firs ever charm square basket I made. I altered the width of the binding in the final pattern, to make it slightly narrower.
The blue basket! One of my favorites! It now lives with a lovely friend in London ❤
I really love yellow, so obviously I had to make a yellow basket. This specimen lives on the (also yellow) shelf on my living room wall!
This basket is larger, made with 6,5″ squares rather than 5″ squares. It does make quite i difference! I had to use some more interfacing to get the necessary firmness. I modified the construction slightly so I did not need to bind the upper edge.
This is the bottom of the large basket! I love that print!!!

If you want to see some more baskets you can check out the hashtag “charmsquarebasket” on Instagram! My pattern testers made some really lovely versions, and @melandsol made a gorgeous collection of several baskets, including some with appliqué. They’re so good!

I hope you enjoy this little free pattern! Please use the hashtag if you want to share it on Instagram, and I would love for you to tag me on the post as well (@sewsewmaria).

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  1. I love my blue basket! It holds all my bits and pieces for making zipper charms. It’s a fab pattern and so kind if you to share with everyone.


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